• Separation agreement: When negotiation is attainable, Jacqueline’s strong mediation skills will be put to use to ensure that the client leaves with an agreement that is legally fair, long standing and most importantly reflects the best interest of the client.
  • Uncontested Divorce.
  • Cohabitation agreements/ Prenuptial agreements

Trial Advocacy

When contested applications are set down to trial, clients are provided peace of mind with Jacqueline’s experience in the trial process. Jacqueline appreciates the focus that litigation provides to complex issues. She engages clients in the trial process, working one-on-one with witnesses to prepare them for trial.

One Time Consults:

  • Sometimes client can represent their interests without the need to formally retain counsel. Jacqueline provides legal advice on a case by case basis to assist self-represented parties.
  • Call our office today to book a one-time consult.

Aboriginal Consultation:

  • Jacqueline provides service to First Nations agencies and/or communities in matters of social development, child apprehension and other related matters under the Child, Family and Community Services Act, the Family Law Act, the Provincial Court Rules.
  • Her advice extends to legal rights and the process as it relates to members that are currently under the scope of the CFCSA (child welfare and apprehension.) She has the ability to interpret complicated provisions of the CFCSA, the FLA so First Nations communities are able to offer the best resources and support to their members.

Fees and Retainers


Retainer: $3,000-$5,000
Uncontested divorce no children: $1299
Uncontested divorce with children: $1599
Separation / prenuptial / cohabitation agreement: $1399
Adoption: $1999
Independent legal advice on a family law agreement (up to 1 hour): $250


Standard notarization (1 stamp, up to 10 pages): $50 + $10 per extra stamp
Real estate notarization $199

CFCSA Workshop for parents and community agencies

Two night workshop = total 5 hours: $1299.99
Retainer – required before workshop can be booked (non-refundable): $300